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What in the World I am Doing Here

Now living in my 6th country, and having been an expat for 25 years, I have spent a lot of time thinking about “what in the world I am doing here” – as that “here” has changed multiple times, countries, and continents over the years.

Either because I was in a place where i didn’t speak the language and had no clue what was going on; or there were behaviors totally alien to me that I couldn’t imagine what the proper response was; or that I was being challenged professionally and wondering if I could fake it enough that nobody would notice that I really didn’t belong there.

Even now with a handful of languages under my belt; a few Master’s degrees; qualifications in multi-cultural executive coaching; professional experience ranging from serving as CEO for a global PR company to starting up several entrepreneurial ventures… I still evaluate regularly What in the World I am Doing Here.

Especially when moving to new countries, but also on a regular basis, it’s valuable to check in with ourselves and ensure we are making mindful decisions about our professional and personal lives.

How can we be more present, more impactful, more inspiring, more effective and efficient, more authentically and unapologetically us. How can we make a positive difference in this world, wherever our journeys may take us?

What is it for us that gives life meaning?

For me, its nurturing meaningful relationships with my family and close friends. It’s honoring my children’s role as my Greatest Teachers in Life, and striving to be a decent role model for them. It’s being kind and compassionate to everyone, even when it’s hard. It’s caring for my own health and well-being so that I’m able to be fully present for those I care about and respect, and present with substance and something of value to offer.

It’s passionately developing my professional career, serving my clients and sharing my talents in a sustainable way, leaving a positive impact on profits, people and the planet.

I invite you to join me on this journey and leave comments when there’s something that has particular meaning for you, that moves you, or something with which you categorically disagree.

As I perpetually evolve and fine tune what I’m doing here in this world, facing compelling challenges along the way, I always ensure that I’m enjoying the ride!

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“What in the World I am Doing Here?” is the Executive Cultural Coaching brand of Bannigan Communications LLC. We guide executives in multi-cultural awareness when they move or work overseas, helping them be more efficient and effective in assimilating to their new environment. Participants come away from our workshops with hands-on, actionable tools and guidelines to be successful and thrive in the multi-cultural environments.