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Interview with an Expat, Helen Bannigan

By On January 27, 2018

v Where are you originally from and where are you living now? Originally from the United States, I’ve lived abroad now for close to 30 years, in 5 different countries: France, Portugal, Spain,… Read More

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Memories of a first trip to China

By On December 1, 2017

China is a fascinating place and the people are full of intriguing paradoxes – delightfully friendly and respectful, wise and dignified in one moment, then spitting and burping and picking their nose the… Read More

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Expat Life

My Boozy Valentine – Hong Kong Style

By On February 16, 2016

My sweet 11-year old daughter always gives us gifts for any holiday and Valentine’s Day is no exception. I got a chocolate rose. And her Dad got…. well… …a can of beer.… Read More


Salamat, Cebu

By On September 11, 2015

Gorgeous Cebu in the Philippines, with its crystal clear waters, perfect weather and warm, friendly, welcoming people. We loved our time there… but were also struck by the stark and unsettling contrasts.… Read More


Curiosities of Amber Alerts

By On February 15, 2015

“How could people be so callous?”, thought Susan, a lovely American girl just starting out at an international school in Hong Kong after moving over from the Midwest. “What’s up with the… Read More

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So, You’re Going “Home”

By On November 11, 2014

Top 3 Secrets to Successful Repatriation So, you’re going home! After so many years abroad, you’re finally returning home. Congratulations! Wait, home?? What is this “home”? What are the challenges to moving… Read More

Expat Life

Don’t Call Me, and I Won’t Call You

By On May 21, 2014

Ring, ring ME: Hello? CALLER: Silence. ME: Hello?? (with more emphatic intonation) CALLER: silence ME: Whaayee? (Cantonese for Hello, with loads of tonality to show the onset of impatience) CALLER: Silence. ME:… Read More

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Cultural Curiosities of China

By On March 5, 2014

I just got back from my first business trip to Panyu, Guangzhou China, after preparing for weeks interviewing dozens of people about business practices, and communications styles, and researching the history and… Read More