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By September 17, 2017 Language, Social Responsibility
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I’ve always been a communicator, a mediator; the one who brokers peace when siblings are fighting, or establishes harmony in the boardroom when executives disagree.

Facilitating constructive communication is what I do.

I do it in my PR business, as I help guide global brands to establish their presence in foreign markets in a sustainable way.

I do it in the Global Executive Training part of my business, as I exchange ideas with executives from around the world when they are increasingly confronted with multi-cultural scenarios and communication styles vastly different from their own.

This wonderful non-profit organization, Translators Without Borders, is doing some amazing work around the world to help facilitate communication in difficult circumstances.

Their aim is to close language gaps that hinder humanitarian efforts by connecting non-profits with a volunteer community of professional translators, building language translation capacity at the local level and raising awareness globally about language barriers.

Their vision is to create a world where knowledge knows no language barriers, and they work with groups such as Oxfam, Unicef, Doctors Without Borders, United Nations, and more.

If you feel so inclined, check out their website: Translators Without Borders.

You can volunteer as a translator, donate cash, or become an official sponsor.

I just translated some documents to help victims of an earthquake in Ecuador – didn’t even know there was an earthquake in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Red Cross is distributing ATM cash cards to help victims get back on their feet, and I translated instructions on how to use the card, plus what safety precautions to take to avoid theft.

Before that, I helped translate documents from the United Nations and the US Center for Disease Control, providing critical information to those affected by Hurricane Irma. That was particularly meaningful to me, as many friends and family were in the path of that storm. I felt helpless being so far away, so I was glad to be able to help some people get the critical information they needed to keep safe and well informed, in the languages they could understand.

So grateful to be able to give back in small ways to our global community of humans with whom we share this planet.


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